Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Will the world really ever understand why weed is still illegal? First off, marijuana is harvested from our planet earth. Not the law makers planet; ALL OF OUR GODDAMN PLANET, if you don't want any, then don't smoke it. Second, it doesn't need to be altered to get you really high. Unlike other unhealthier drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, meth, or heroin, marijuana does not need to be chemically altered to get the job done. Pull the plant out of the ground, break it up, roll it up, light it up and smoke that shit until your little heart is content. Third, our brains have a receptor specifically designed to absorb THC (The active ingredient in marijuana). If God didn't want us to get high, why would we need that receptor Mr. Lawmaker cocksucker? God knows a little THC never hurt anyone. Finally, people who smoke weed are pretty much harmless. The most destructive thing a stoner will do is stain their shirt with spaghetti sauce. They probably had the munchies so they didn't realize how hot the spaghetti was when they took the first bite. Because it began to burn the roof of their mouth, they proceeded to spit it out; it landed on their shirt, and it left a red stain above the "Famous" logo. The shirt is now used strictly for the gym. Since the dawn of time, weed has never harmed anyone, it has only led to the best conversations, great sex, awesome sleep, delicious meals and some of the best music ever composed. Sit down and ask yourself, what has weed done for you?

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