Monday, December 13, 2010


You know the holidays have arrived when you can hear the sound of Christmas music emanating through the speakers, the weather outside has become frightful (even though the fire is so delightful), and most importantly egg nog is readily available at grocers across the nation. The Holidays are a special time of year, a time to be merry and drink (ALOT). I have always loved the Holidays (namely Christmas) and I will continue to love them until Santa brings me coal. Just so you know, I am quite certain Santa is real and no matter what you think he will be coming to town, just as he did last year. Now when it comes to "The Holiday Break" which we students are entitled too, I do not approve of the the terminology "Holiday Break" or "Winter Break." For me it has always been and will always be "Christmas Break." If I were Jewish or whatever you have to be to celebrate Kwanzaa it would be my "Hanukkah Break" or my "Kwanzaa Break." All this political correctness really frosts my Christmas cookies. I understand why people want to be politically correct about the Holidays but fuck off and please get over your own ego. Call your break whatever you want and I will call it whatever I want. If you have problems with my actions I suggest you contact the lawyer I don't have, he's a big shot. OH AND HAPPY CHRISTMAS, HANUKKAH, KWANZAA AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU MAY CELEBRATE! MAY IT BE THE BEST ONE YOU EVER HAD!

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