Monday, December 6, 2010

Final Exams

Final exams are the absolute last chance for a student to completely ruin their grade in a class. Professors use these terrible tests of endurance not to demonstrate your knowledge of their material, but simply to piss you off. It all makes complete sense. The entire semester, students ask retarded questions in class, make up stupid excuses why they missed half the classes and force these professors to deal with their individual bullshit. Finals give professors an opportunity to show students who the real boss is. It's completely on their terms, in their territory, and without assistance. In order to do well, a student is forced to muster up all their discipline to waste a minimum of 4 hours studying for, and thinking about each professor and the questions they might ask. It's cruel, it's stupid, everyone hates it; but hey, everyone deserves a sadistic pleasure, even professors. Good luck on your finals and don't stress too much. In 10 years when all of us are millionaires doing drugs off the stomaches of Indian hookers, the final exams you took in the fall semester of 2010 are going to be irrelevant... Always remember that ;) !

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