Tuesday, November 30, 2010


They say you sleep for 25 years of your life. Let me repeat that...25 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE ARE SPENT ASLEEP! I haven't even lived 25 years yet and it seems like I've been running around this earth for forever and a day. It seems a little excessive that in a 75 year life expectancy 1/3 of your life you don't even remember (unless it was a wet dream). If I could talk to God when he was creating everything I would tell him to go ahead and get rid of sleeping. There has to be a better system than sleeping, something like a battery recharge station, it would be faster, more efficient yet just as effective. In addition, I could utilize those 25 years to do productive shit like: sex, drugs, binge drinking, and maybe a little more studying. It is in those hours of sleep when the most fun things happen (minus the studying). It is also in that time when the most dangerous things occur ie. DUI's and OD's and AIDS (oh my). I'm not bashing sleep because I do get my fair share of it, I'm just saying their should've been a better system and there's only one person to blame...OBAMA!

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