Tuesday, November 9, 2010


If I didn't write an entry about men then I would be a sexist prick and no one would read my shit (even though no one reads it anyways). Men are a cookie cutter species. Every straight male on this planet is just about the same. All we need to do in order to live a long happy life is; Food, sleep, sex (with an occasional blow job!!), money, and a nice place to shit. That's it. Nothing more nothing less. So primitive yet so misunderstood. Anything that we do in our lives is simply a means to accomplish one of those tasks. I know some girls out there may be thinking to themselves, "That's bullshit! I know my man and he is much deeper than that." I would reply, "No my dear, he's not." When we say something there is no hidden message behind what we say, it's there out in the open. We meant what we said and that's why we said it. I promise there is no interpretation necessary. Men are simple, and once you understand the simplicity of our thoughts, you'll be able understand why we don't really care about the little shit that happens in life. Our actions are driven by our needs and our needs are simple. FOOD, SEX, MONEY, AND SHITTING... Learn it, understand it, and enjoy it!

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