Monday, November 8, 2010


Girls are the most fascinating creature on this planet. Nothing can be done without a companion and it must involve some sort of drama. Shopping, eating, getting ready to go out, working out, dancing, studying, texting and even peeing are all examples of activities that involve drama and friend. It's hard to interpret this complex behavior, but for some reason the aforementioned is a fact of life. From my perspective (straight college age male) it's simply impossible to understand. I have never looked at a friend of mine and said, "Hey man I'm gonna go pee, come with me bro, we'll talk about that girl Stacey I was telling you about earlier." I don't know how genes work and I don't care, but somewhere in the female gene there is some piece of data that requires girls to do everything with a friend with as much drama as possible. It's a frustrating little piece of genetic data but unfortunately for guys, it exists. I am under the firm conviction that if this little nuisance of genetic material didn't exist, girls would no longer annoy their male counterparts. They would be able to relax when things didn't go their way and maybe they could do things alone for once...

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