Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Why do people bother to study? It's a simple question and no, it is not rhetorical. All I hear all week is how much everyone hates studying and I really want to say, "Then why do you do it?" The obvious answer is of course, "To get good grades you asshole." But let's take a look at studying on a much larger scale in life. One test in your presumably 75 year life is simply not worth the 4-12 hours you spent studying for it (unless its the LSAT, GMAT, MCAT or some other weird ass acronym test that will affect your career path). In 12 years from the time you completely failed your "Intro to Economics" test, no one is going to care about what you scored. Plus, what you "Remembered" for the test will be long forgotten (Probably due to some kind of drug or alcohol problem stemmed from too much studying during college). You also can't forget that we live in the future, this day and age technology is advancing so fast that the shit that you are studying now, probably won't even be applicable when you're actually in the job market. So what's the point? (That time it was a rhetorical question) I have this crazy, outlandish belief that maybe you should just let up a wee bit, don't take this shit too seriously because in the long run it's only going to cause some kind of stress disorder which will probably lead to some serious medical conditions at an early age ie., High blood pressure, or AIDS. STOP STUDYING AND DO WHAT YOU WANT! Life is too short to be miserable and I don't know anyone who actually can sit down and enjoy studying, unless of course they took some Adderall (Then studying is an adventure).


  1. Then how are you going to job in the first place?

  2. Get a job I mean.