Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Foreign Languages

After 4 years of taking a foreign language I still don't understand a goddamn thing. I attribute my lack of knowledge of this romantic language to the fact that my teachers are attempting to teach me in the language that I'm trying to learn. I have a message for foreign language departments across the land...SPEAK ENGLISH MOTHERF*$&#?S!!! I have no idea what you're teaching me if you're just babbling instructions in French, Italian, Spanish etc... Especially when I still don't know your goddamn language. I can conjugate your verbs, I can tell you what my name is, I can eat Brie cheese, but don't try and explain the partitive articles and their gender in French, Italian, Spanish etc... I promise, you are wasting your time. If you spoke English however, I might understand how to do the shit you want me to do, and maybe my French might not sound like I'm a half retarded 4 year old. I acknowledge the fact that maybe I suck at French because I'm forced to take a foreign language against my will (I am basically being ear fucked by a foreign language) So please, help me, help you, help me make it better, and use some English...

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