Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The weather outside is frightful but the goddamn fire is so delightful and since we're in Tallahassee, Florida, it won't snow, it won't snow, it won't snow. You'll be able to hear those original lyrics on my next album produced by Kanye. I haven't figured out the title yet, but it will be something about ho's I assure you. Cold weather is both so pleasant and yet so dreadful. When you're stuck in the elements of cold weather, IT SUCKS. But when you're out of these cold elements in a warm place sipping on some delicious hot cocoa and or another hot beverage of your choice, cold weather is suddenly lovely. If you're from up north or another place where cold weather is an inevitability, it's expected that for about 4 months you are going to freeze your tits off. Here in Florida however, cold weather is somewhere between 40-55 degrees with a light breeze and sunshine. I hate to rub your nose in the glory of living in the Sunshine state, but with the adaptations our bodies have made in this climate (Thin blood), 40-55 and sunny is actually pretty chilly. Every time I visit up north during winter, I don't shiver because I'm cold or chilly, I shiver because my soul is cold. Not only am I cold to the bone, the chill finds its way into my soul and it usually ruins my entire visit. I fear that in the future I will be forced to live in a cold climate and I will regret living in Florida because of my very thin blood. But for now, it's time to bust out my fresh winter apparel in weather that other states only dream about during the Spring. Apparently my Jewish Grandmother used to live in the cold...

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