Monday, September 13, 2010


Since September 2008, Trueblood has captivated audiences worldwide with its intense, graphic action, it's multiple, crazy story lines and its many complicated characters. Until this season I was all about this show, every Sunday at 9 PM watching Trueblood was the only thing you would catch me doing. The show was basically the tits in mine eye. The key word here is, WAS. This season however, ruined the show in every way for me. The action was nowhere near the level it was in the past, the acting has gotten way worse, the storylines have become ridiculous and the characters are all changing in a bad way. When it first began, Trueblood was only about Vampires living in a society where they were not fully accepted; a pretty cool premise if I don't mind saying so myself. Then they introduced other strange characters like shapeshifters, a Maenad and they added a Vampire hierarchy which was badass for the most part. It was still very watchable, entertaining and packed full of weird, twisted action. Then this season came along and they introduced Werewolves, fairy's, witches and the show turned gay; literally. I don't know if production costs went up for action scenes, but they cut back on most of the wild action and went more in depth in the life of each character (poor decision on the writers' part). Then to top it off there were 3 or 4 episodes where actual gay love scenes occurred. Now I'm not an anti-gay douche, gay people should be able to live how they want here in America, but please don't show me the affectionate stuff, keep it behind closed doors (unless it's like really hot lesbians doing crazy things with lube and a banana; that's totally okay with me). With that being said, those particular episodes were uncomfortable to watch and you could tell the actors were even awkward in their roles of playing homosexuals. It didn't matter though, even if they had excluded all that stuff, the show was still terrible for the entire season. Every episode just set more and more shit up, only to have an anti-climactic finale where we viewers were left with no answers to questions that we never had in the first place (At least not me). I'm not sure what to do next. I don't know if I should give it another chance or if I should relinquish my 9PM slot on future Sunday nights. Whatever my decision is, one thing will hold true, I will be watching ENTOURAGE at 10:30!

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