Thursday, September 2, 2010


I think it's safe to say everyone, (if possible) would like to be jacked and tan. With excellent role models in the world like the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore, why wouldn't you want to be jacked and tan? I mean look at those guys, every night, out at clubs being jacked and tan, saying no to grenades and land mines all day and night. The Situation is now even endorsing a protein infused vodka called "Devotion." All it took was a little gym, tanning and laundry (and some roids) on the reg. Ok I'm done talking about the Jersey Shore. But from what I've seen, everyone is trying to look good. Some are succeeding and others... Not so much. The gym is no longer a place for people to simply improve their physical capabilities, it's become a place to show off. Whether you're trying to bench 245 with awful technique when you know all you can bench is 185; or, you're standing in front of the mirror lifting up you're shirt pretending to wipe away the sweat at your brow. We all know you just want to see if that beer belly of yours is a six pack yet, please stop doing it. Girls are totally guilty too. When you're putting the 8 pound dumbbells back, you don't have to bend all the way over to show us what you look like from behind. You look splendid in your spandex, I already looked, all you're doing is just showing everyone what they're not going to be looking at this evening (if you know what I mean). What it comes down to is this, the gym is a place to make yourself a healthier, more physically capable person. Whether it's solely cardio vascular, or just strength; the gym is for you and you only. No one needs to put on a show for anyone else but yourself. If it's your goal to look like The Situation then good for you, maybe one day you can be on MTV and endorse the new steroid infused marijuana; once they both become legal. But on a serious note, stop trying to be the goddamn king of the gym, I promise you that you are not and you probably never will be. Check out my impression of every single girl at the gym...

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