Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I'm just going to go ahead and say it, fighting is probably the stupidest thing we as humans do. There's really never any good reason to fight unless, your life is in danger; in which case it probably wouldn't be threatened if the person putting your life in danger was half sane. Looking throughout the course of history, one might find that most wars were started based solely on a difference of beliefs, or greed. Perhaps it's just me, but neither of those are any excuse to start a war. Look at the Crusades, "I'm Christian you're Muslim...DIE!" Look at both World Wars, "I want you're land and you're Jewish...DIE!" The War in Iraq, "You're Muslim and you have oil?....DIE!." Brought down on a much smaller scale fighting between individuals is naturally much ado about nothing. "You called my girl a ho? oh you 'bout to get some bitch!" "What? You, took my parking spot....HELL NAW!" "What? You rubbed up against me in the club and made me spill a drop of Kentucky Gentleman and Coke on my fake Armani shirt...YOU 'BOUT TO DIE!" When it comes down to it, what's the point? Do you need to dominate your territory? Do you need to be the alpha male/female? Do you want me to be afraid of you? Do you enjoy mean cops, orange jumpsuits, and anal sex with no lube? Whatever the reason, get over it. No one likes a fighter unless you're part of organized boxing/cagefighting, then you really are a badass and you can fight as much as your little heart desires. Next time you're in a club and someone bumps in to you, don't freak out, or curse, or swear at them to provoke them, do what I do, dump your drink on their shoes without them seeing you; because there is nothing worse then wet feet while you're trying to spit game.

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