Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Words With Friends

Perhaps it is the greatest game/app ever created in the history of mankind...DIGITAL SCRABBLE or should I say Words With Friends. If you have an Iphone and you don't have this app, get it! However; I must warn you, this game is not for the faint of heart (r-tards), it is a game built for intellect and creativity. If you don't like to think, then this game is not for you. If you've never played Scrabble in your life, it works like this. Every letter has a point value and each player begins with 7 letters. Each player must take these letters and create words strategically on the board connected to all prior words played. When you've submitted a word, the points of each corresponding letter will be added up and you will be assessed a total for your word. Strategy comes into play based on where you place your words and what letters land on the what bonuses which include: double letter, triple letter, double word and triple word. Every single move you make must be carefully planned and made with extreme caution; for if it is not, you will get owned (real bad). I was never a Scrabble player as a kid, I was a Monopoly man, but as soon as I found this app and I saw how competitive it could be, it has become my new favorite board/electronic game of all time. It's amazing how excited and pissed someone can get over a word. If I were to ever get so lucky as to play a word like "QUIZ" where I would hit the Q on a triple letter and end with the Z on a triple word, I would shout for joy no matter where I was. But if someone were to hit that same word against me (which they wouldn't because I would never set someone up with such gravy) I would consider chucking my Iphone straight into the ground. The anger brought about by this game can also apply to any asshole that decides to make up words that just so happen to actually be words. This is unethical behavior and anyone who does it is a cheater unless I'm the one doing it to you. In case you were wondering if I take this game seriously, the answer is a very emphatic YES! I hate losing in anything I do, especially when it comes down to a game that involves such strategic intelligence. If you have this app and you want to lose, find me on The Words With Friends Board. USERNAME: STOTLE6

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