Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sorority Rush

Sorority rush week, could very well be the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. To describe it in simple terminology, it is the ultimate form of social darwinism. The girls are forced to walk around in 178 degree weather (here in Tallahassee) while trying to convince anyone willing to talk to them that yes, they are good enough for that sorority. The week sucks and in the end, all the new girls end up doing very sketchy things in the near future. Every girl I have ever talked too whether they are a rushee or an active member of a sorority, absolutely hates rush week. For members of the sorority, they are put on lockdown; no going out, no facebook, and no trying to bribe all the potential new members. It is as close to a prison like situation that you will find among rich white girls in America. For the rushee, this week brings about an influx of emotions as they would basically do anything to get into the sorority of their dreams. While rushing, it is common for these girls walk around acting as fake as possible in an attempt to convince everyone that they are angels sent from the heavens above. The amount of scrutiny that they are under could influence this behavior which is actually quite sickening. It could be because, if a girl says one thing wrong, to the wrong person, they will immediately lose their chance to become a member of that sorority (a very traumatizing thing I could imagine). sometimes this is the point when girls just say, "Fuck it." The ones who carry on continue under this microscope will continue to answer questions like, "What's your favorite philanthropy?" and, "What extracurricular activities did you do in highschool?" Then answering with some terribly fake answer that they definitely just made up. I know all they really want to say is, "Drinking at bars with hot guys and such!" Sorority rush week is a serious thing for girls who are into that kind of thing. The ones who continue on with the process and ultimately become members seem to have a wonderful time; others...Not so much. I guess a week like this will make them stronger?? But the only people who really know about the turnoil of this week are the girls who have partaken in this painful process. To make this completely clear see what my friend Johanna Mounteford has to say...

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