Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Second Life

Second Life could very well be the strangest thing I have ever heard of. Put simply, it is a website where you literally live a "Second Life." There's a good idea! The problems in my normal life aren't stressful enough, so I'm going to go online and live through an avatar! It's going to have its own persona and its own issues because it's a reflection of myself and it's going to be awesome! People are actually going to this virtual world and creating a "second life." Maybe your life is boring, but why would you resort to an online world that is basically a mirror image of the real world? I might be able to understand why people use this site if it was a fantasy game like World of Warcraft or Grand Theft Auto; but it's not, people are actually living a "second life." It gets even more ridiculous when you see how it intermixes with the real world. you can use real money, to buy fake land in Second Life, then sit on this land for a while until it becomes more valuable and you can sell this fake land and turn a real money profit. Maybe I'm too much of a realist, but I don't see any relationship between the value of fake not real land and real not fake money. It's one thing if all the shit on this site was fake including the money, because that is what creates the fantasy in participating in such a world. But intermixing shit from the real world into a fake world blows my mind. It takes the fantasy out of it and makes it too close to reality. Pretty soon users of Second Life are going to think that it's okay to do Second Life things in the real world (similar to a Grand Theft Auto scenario) which as we know would be very bad. I enjoy video games just as much as the next person, but when a video game begins to seem too real, like Second Life (in the sense that it's no longer fantastical ie: something I couldn't do in real life) then I want nothing to do with it. Maybe for some people Second Life has made them some real/fake friends, or maybe they finally met someone who can relate to their real/fake problems; but to me interaction on such a site is very weird. You're talking about real issues and real life things in a fake world. Here's an idea, go to a real coffee shop in a real world and have a real conversation with a real person! Then maybe you can have a real relationship instead of one with your computer! Here's a preview of a day in the life of a Second Life/real life person...

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