Thursday, August 5, 2010


Myspace was the jam back when I was 15 years old, but when I came to college, it suddenly and abruptly died. Back in my good ol' high school days Myspace was how people interacted online. If you came to school without commenting someone back, things could get ugly... But suddenly without any warning at all, Myspace wasn't "A place for friends," it became a place of shame. If you still had a Myspace, you were no longer part of the "in" crowd. It was a dark time for alot of people, but what came of it was something even greater...FACEBOOK. How, in the blink of an eye did something so incredibly new and innovative get stomped by the same exact thing (but different). It is an anomaly that will haunt me for many years, but let's try to figure it out. Myspace came out in 2003 and was a place where anyone at practically any age could to interact. Facebook came out in 2004 and its primary function was a means for college students to connect. When the shift began from Myspace to Facebook it was spring 2006, I had just found out I got in to FSU. At that point in my life I knew practically no one at FSU, but I needed to connect to them. I had my college email address (which was required for an account, back in those days) and I was ready. Once I made my Facebook account almost instantaneously, Myspace became a thing of the past. I no longer needed my Myspace to connect to people, everyone was shifting to Facebook; it was far more cosmopolitan compared to the childish Myspace. Now as a whole, Myspace has still maintained a fair share of users with over 65 million (accroding to Google Analytics) but compared to the 500 million on Facebook; it's safe to say they will probably never catch up. It is an interface that was overtaken by something newer and more innovative. I will miss my days on Myspace (especially my sweet profile song) but since I have joined Facebook...I can't say I ever looked back. See what my Guido cousin Vinny has to say....

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