Friday, August 6, 2010


Facebook has become a self sustaining monster with world domination on its mind. It has found its way into just about every single person's life that I know. You can't even watch a commercial anymore without seeing a little F in the bottom of the screen at the end of the commercial. What boggles my mind is how it got so big and why? Right now, if Facebook were a country it would be the third largest country in the world behind China and India. With 500 million active users, Facebook is similar to a giant network with billions of pieces of data just floating around for the taking. The significance of that info is most advantageous to our great friends in the marketing and advertising departments of the world. With all that data about you, your friends, your interests etc. They can target specific advertisements to you using marketing algorithms that write themselves (scary shit). Maybe you too have noticed that on the right side of your home page, there are advertisements that seem to match your interests. That is an example of one of these marketing algorithms and they make money based on the amount of clicks they receive. But aside from the marketing portion of Facebook, let's talk about the users (ie, you and me). Facebook has made it possible to always be in communication no matter what the circumstances. If you have a Facebook and your friend in Eastern Siberia has a Facebook, you can always stay in contact with them via messaging them, writing on their wall, commenting on their status, liking their pictures, poking them, or Facebook chatting. This "always accessible" means of communication is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's great if you need to talk to someone or, someone needs to talk to you. It's bad when someone that you don't particularly like becomes your friend on Facebook because now they know what you're doing at all times and they know how to get in touch with you. This can make things extremely awkward in the real world when they write on your wall and you don't respond. But what Facebook truly diminishes in my eyes is the novelty of getting to know someone. I have met someone new that I had never met before and within ten minutes they sent me a friend request via Facebook for Iphone. It was creepy to say the least, and now I know that person as that creepy Facebook stalker instead of who they really might be. I hope to god I meet my future ex-wife in the real world before she's my friend on Facebook, so I can get to know who she really is instead of who she wants me to think she is. I brought in an old colleague whose never even heard of Facebook, Swamp Grass Petey...

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