Monday, August 30, 2010

College Football

It is once again almost the most glorious part of the year, college football season! It is a time when the best and the worst of someone's character is exploited. Games are won and lost on the field, but the aftermath of an L or a W is heartfelt by all the respective fans. College gameday all begins with the tailgate. This is a chance to become belligerent and wasted so your shit talking to the other team and their terrible fans will not be filtered. This initial wasted stage can either make you look like a complete douche, or just a really hardcore fan. Without the tailgate you might have to witness the game sober and hungry (a bad combination at a stadium where a hotdog and a beer is just about $20). Tailgating truly commences the college gameday experience; between the gameday apparel, the fresh smoke off the bbq, the girls pretending they know whose playing and one can never forget those $59 kegs of Natural Light. Oh the delightful taste of cold, fresh, shitty beer. Without the tailgate, I'm not sure one could call their college gameday experience complete. After the alcohol has taken control of the body and kickoff is approximately 10 minutes away, it's time to make the trek to the stadium. Early in the college season, (here in Tallahassee) this trek can be extraordinarily hot. It can be tough on those dumb enough to wear sandals. I always choose to wear my most comfortable running shoes so my arches have good support specifically for this wasted, shambley journey. With that being said, once the stadium is reached, a miraculous feelings might take over the body, similar to a spiritual encounter (I would guess). It's almost an aura of magic seeing a sea of 90,000 people wearing the colors of their respective schools cheering and shouting for a victory. The sounds of the drumline playing in such unison, the announcer riling up the fans and then...KICKOFF! As soon as that ball becomes airborn, the season has begun and all the hopes and dreams of the fans will either be fulfilled or shattered. It's truly amazing what college football can do to a person never the less, an entire school (assuming their not blacked out and they can remember what happened). See what a fellow Gator fan has to say about gameday...

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