Monday, August 23, 2010

Classes Have Begun

Fall semester is a glorious thing for any college student in America, (unless your shitty school doesn't have a football team) it's the perfect balance of structure and absolute mayhem. Between attending class, pretending to study, and writing shitty papers, sometimes college seems to have everyones balls/labia in a vice. The only thing keeping most college students sane is the mind numbing amount of alcohol and drugs consumed on the weekend (it is a very high number I assure you). The first day of fall is a realization that summer is over and that parking on campus is nearly impossible. For guys it is a day to see what freshman slam pieces have arrived on campus. For girls, I can only guess it is a day to show off all the awesome new clothes, shoes and handbags you got over the summer. Your classes most likely suck but unfortunately you paid for them and you need them to graduate, so suck it up and get a C because C's get degrees. Hopefully your professors do not suck (whether that be they don't speak english, they assign stupid shit, or they have an attendance policy) because if they do, it can make any class somewhere between 10 and 300 times harder than it really should be. Just because you have a doctorate and now you are teaching intro to bullshit does not mean that I care enough to come to your 8 AM class, so stop trying to make me with your attendance policy threats. Trying to be a hard-ass professor only makes students hate the class more, and during course evaluations, that professor's ass will get tore up (literally of course). But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, once I've left college I know that I will miss all the times I've gone to class still wasted for the night before. All the times I have shouted ridiculous things in class for attention and of course all the time I spent on Facebook instead of listening to a terrible lecture. All in all classes really don't have much bearing on your future life outside of college, one must never forget; it's not what you know it's who you know. See what Dr. Manjuri has to say about all his class policies...

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