Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Lewis Black said it best when he said, "Where do you get the massive ego to think that anyone gives a shit what you're doing?" What's funny about that statement is...It's true. Twitter has given us an entitled feeling that everything we do is important. The feedback that "followers" give these ridiculous tweets are what perpetuates this egotistical behavior that what we do is now somehow relevant to everyone else. Now that we've had a Twitter 101 philosophy lesson, let's put it into much simpler verbage. Twitter users are flooding the world with meaningless shit that they have deemed worthy to share with others. However, the masses (which are asses) are eating this shit up like its a Golden Corral Buffet; and thus Twitter has become very, very large. I am a Tweeter myself; not compulsive, but I like to slide in a good tweet or two in hopes that people will follow me. However, I am realistic in the sense that I understand what I post on Twitter is pretty much meaningless to everyone else. So I don't really I expect people to actually read what I say, I put it out there in case your bored and maybe you just want to know what's happening in my mundane life. Tweeting to me is sort of like fishing in uncharted waters, you cast the line and if something bites then great, if not move on and try again. The people who most take this Tweeting thing overboard are celebrities. They actually believe that everyone does give a shit what awesome, great lives they live. Perhaps they are justified in their beliefs and that's why they have 100 gazillion followers. But when it comes down to it, is your life much better now that you know exactly what Chad Ochocinco is doing at this very moment? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, maybe go fuck yourself. The point is, Twitter really has no affect on our lives, it's merely and illusion of what we're supposedly doing in 140 characters or less. Because once we're done with our Tweet, it's no longer what we're doing, it's what we did.

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