Monday, July 26, 2010


The World Cup was this year, and I happen to think it was absolutely fantastic (for the most part). Each game was entertaining (again for the most part) and watching a full game really gave me an appreciation for the goals that were scored and the players who scored them. The World Cup 2010 brought about a nice change in the summer sporting world. But to me, the soccer was secondary to the incredible announcing. The lineup of announcers that ESPN used for the games were by far the best of any sports announcers I can think of in recent history. The way they describe the play as it unfolds, the way they sardonically mock the players who faked their injuries (or fuck up really bad), and the energy level they held throughout all of it was to put it lightly...PERFECT. It's to the point where I believe they could make anything sound absolutely incredible, even our daily lives. Just having these guys follow you around everywhere you went for one day could make things so awesome. I did an experiment with this at The Comezy Zone Tallahassee, see how people reacted to this simple yet brilliant idea.

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