Friday, July 30, 2010


In case you were wondering, this is a blog. Blogging is an organized structure of thoughts and ideas conveyed to a particular audience. Who this audience may be, I have no clue, but Google analytics tells me that there is one. Idea's are everywhere around us, anything man made was at one point an idea. Blogging (to me) is analyzing these things with a particular attitude. So for instance I think silly bands are stupid (even though I wear one) and thus I have a post about how stupid Silly Bandz are. If your ideas relate to a certain group of people, then the blog will be successful and people will read it. If you are an ass clown and your blog is terrible then people will hate you and your shitty blog, plain and simple. But regardless of how people perceive a blog, it comes down to the fact that each blog is someone's ideas about something. It's an arena where anything goes: opinions, facts, fallacies, douchebaggery and occasionally, utter brilliance. But with all the blogs in the world, all the different opinions and all the noise being created, where does one find the truth? And if there is a truth how will you know when you find it? These questions I don't think will ever be answered universally. The truth is relative from one person to the next and with such a variance of what people "know," the truth is somewhere in the aether. That little rant probably did nothing to help you understand blogs or blogging, but it gives some perspective as to how blogs have changed what we view as fact and opinion. For more insight on this my Jewish Grandmother has decided to chime in...

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